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Spam, spamming and the sending of any communications that have not obtained the correct permissions from the email address holder will not be tolerated by BrotherMailer.

It is an unwanted and illegal activity that not only irritates users but gives a bad reputation to a valuable industry, clogs up servers and networks and damages the reputation of our servers and network connections making us work harder to keep our clients on all the white lists and on the right side of spam filters. You must ensure you have the correct permissions from any people on your email marketing lists and that local legislation is adhered to for your own protection as well as ours. We share data with known spammers with the rest of the industry and also have a watchdog system on the platform that will vet data for any known problems. Using a point scoring system we will automatically block any data that appears to contain too many known problem addresses or incorrect information.

As such, our terms and conditions also include statements about the practise of spamming and any user proven to be practicing spam techniques may have their account closed without refund. We are always here to help and support the building of legitimate lists and data, we are also able to recommend 3rd party data suppliers who are reputable sources of high quality data.

Our platform has many tools to help you build these lists such as easy to make sign up forms for your website or API integrations into other platforms such as salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many many more through industry standard soap code. Brothermailer automatically manages unsubscribe requests and hard bounces so you don’t have to. our system is designed to support your adherence to data protection laws. If you think you have been spammed by a brothermailer user or have found an email offensive in any way.

Please unsubscribe from the list using the clearly marked unsubscribe button in the email and take up the issue first with the email sender.

If this is not resolved you are able to follow up your complaint through brothermailer via contact@brothermailer.co.uk email address

For Further information on Spam, it’s definitions and industry references, please see the below link

If you manage your own email on internal servers and think you may have been added to black lists as a result of customer or ISP complaints, click here to check the following

If this result is positive, it is very difficult to resore reputation against an IP address or web address. This is one of the main benefits of using an ESP (Email Service Provider) like BrotherMailer. We take great care of our reputation and manage a range of IP addresses so that none are abused. We often see 99.9% to 100% deliverability ratings into all known email providers partly for this reason.