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Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

That is completely up to you. There is no minimum signup period on a BrotherMailer Pay As You Go account. You could choose, instead, to go for a fixed monthly fee which means a minimum period is 12 months.

BrotherMailer offers a variety of service packages to suit every budget. If you are already managing email marketing, the cost is typically just a small one-off setup fee, plus variable sending fees based upon usage. Billing works just like a pay as you go mobile tariff – you incur cost if you use it but the more use, the cheaper it gets.

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You have full use of your account for 30 days from sign-up.

Email Marketing allows you to reach your clients directly, gives you accurate, measurable and speedy campaign delivery and enables you to manage client relationships and maximise your sales potential.

BrotherMailer email marketing is a very versatile power marketing tool but it is most often used for two main functions:

1. eCRM

The BrotherMailer system can be fully integrated into your existing customer relationship management processes via API, which can deliver dynamic content and various triggered content delivery processes.
This can be used, for instance, as part of a campaign for insurance renewal processes, as an automatic campaign sent to follow up your leads from quotes, to send welcome emails to new customers on sign up and to issue reminder emails about renewals.

2. Marketing via email

Your contacts are uploaded into the database manager either automatically or manually. You have complete power over how you segment and profile your contacts. You can then use the WYSIWYG editorial system to design professional email campaigns to send to your contacts, analyse the results of your campaigns using purpose built e-analysis tools including geographical heatmaps and click through analysis tools.

Our clients are B2C, B2C, charity and public sector institutions. Many BrotherMailer users are large household names, but others are SME\’s, specialist online traders or web start-ups. BrotherMailer is so easy to use, you don\’t need to be a web designer to get the most out of it – however, the powerful functionality and advanced features of the platform make BrotherMailer suitable for use in even the most high profile and demanding of campaigns.

The unifying feature of BrotherMailer users, is that they are clients who demand quality of product and service, because they do not just want to send bulk emails, they want to use a platform which gets emails into inboxes, gives precise, usable deep level reporting, and which is reliable, effective and time saving.

You will need a computer, an internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox etc) and an Internet connection. Generally, the faster the better!

Creating your email campaign

Absolutely yes. This is a main strength of the system. The BrotherMailer Email Marketing platform is integrated within a number of existing systems and processes to manage the email activity with as little human interaction as possible. We can build all API / dynamic / triggered requirements, just ask!

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It is not advisable to put script for video in emails, please see our article on video embedding for in-depth information and advice. In a nutshell. this sort of script will lead to a significant proportion of your bulk emails being blocked by inbox spam filters and anti-virus software.

It is usually best to create a splash page for your website on which your video can be viewed, use your email campaign to drive traffic to the microsite or splashpage. BrotherMailer is set up to show you exactly who clicked on what and when, so you will get better data from your campaign and a deeper understanding of your recipients behaviours and motivations.

Yes you can- BrotherMailer allows you to upload any HTML page, this means you can import externally produced templates for editing in BrotherMailer without any problem.

Whether you are looking for a single template or a full suite of templates, BrotherMailer can provide you with a full HTML design service. BrotherMailer bespoke templates can be easily edited by you and used time and time again. Get in touch to find out more.

Creating and managing your mailing lists

BrotherMailer supports CSV files. This means that BrotherMailer will integrate with the vast majority of companies and software out there.

It is really important to give your subscribers the chance to unsubscribe, which is why every BrotherMailer email campaign is checked before sending to ensure there is an unsubscribe link present. Recipients can click this go to a web page where they are asked to confirm their wish to opt-out. Once this happens, the recipient is automatically unsubscribe – you do not need to worry as this process ensures they will be removed from the relevant list.

You can also choose to export a list of unsubscribes, quickly and easily, from within BrotherMailer. This is a great way to manage any offline lists you have as BrotherMailer will export in the format you choose.

BrotherMailer helps you protect your sender reputation, keep out of Spam folders and stay off ISP blacklists in several ways. The BrotherMailer data watch dog is set up so you won\’t risk re-uploading any emails which have previously unsubscribe. It is good practice, however, to take care to delete unsubscribes from your own records if you are keeping separate information locally.

Web programmers have the added advantage of being able to use BrotherMailer API to unsubscribe users.

You can choose the amount of storage you need when you sign up to BrotherMailer. This way you only pay for what you use. You can even integrate BrotherMailer with your own existing CRM system, so you can use data stored outside of brotherMailer in order to send your campaigns.

Compliance, Security, and Delivery

There are three good reasons not to use an overseas email service provider:

  1. Spam: One of the things spam filters may check for is the origin of your email. Some overseas servers are considered less secure, with the vast majority of spam emails originating from providers in the USA. This is due partly to the fact that overseas providers will not be bound by the data protection act, but also (for UK subscribers/clients) because overseas malpractice is much more difficult to fight. For these reasons, emails sent from overseas servers are more likely to get caught up in spam filters.
  2. Support: BrotherMailer offers personal customer service during UK office hours. We are friendly, helpful and really easy to get hold of when you need us. You can even drop in and have a cup of tea with us if you happen to be in town!
  3. Global Deliverability: The UK is recognised for tighter and more professional use of data and responsible database marketing. Email marketers using UK servers benefit from the UK email marketing culture, which has an emphasis on targeting emails to addresses belonging only to those who have opted-in to receive them. In this way UK based platforms have two significant advantages – our servers are much less likely to be \’blacklisted\’ by ISPs, and we can provide interfaces with all the tools compliance functions needed to achieve a 100% delivery rate.

 (…It is also a good ida to take a close look at the features on offer from overseas providers, the level of tracking and the depth of reporting is worth checking up on…)

BrotherMailer gives you all the tools an guidance you need to stay out of pam folders! There is no one factor that will get your email blocked. This means there is no one way to prevent your email ending up in a spam folder. Spam filters generally work on a \\\’points\\\’ system and much of this depends on the content of the email. Test sends and spam checking are all available when you send your campaining using BrotherMailer. Read our helpful advice documents or get in touch if you want to talk to an account manager.

BrotherMailer is a recognised by large email providers, such as AOL, Hotmail etc. as a responsible sender. We take great care to conform to industry best practice guidelines as well as the technical specifications of large email providers. BrotherMailer client campaigns are fully traceable back to us, this means our clients benefit from our good reputation. Importantly, we also take great care to ensure our clients are not able to harm their own reputation, that of our other client senders or the BrotherMailer reputation. We do this by putting actions in place on the platform which prevents spam from being sent out. This protects you, and all our clients, from being tarred by association with non-compliant senders.

Your BrotherMailer account is password-protected and unique to you. BrotherMailer is used by large public bodies as well as financial institutions, for this reason, you can be assure that our security systems are specified to match.
BrotherMailer does not accept \’blind\’ web sign-ups, this is why we won\’t sign you up by just your credit card details or PayPal account. We do enforce a strict anti-spam policy, which helps to protect our clients from association with less reputable email marketers.

BrotherMailer is a UK company and as such, we are bound by the Data Protection Act to keep your data private and secure. Please get in touch if you wish to find out more.

If you are managing email through an off the shelf package on your servers, hosting from a US company or just managing via your email client (outlook etc) then the chances are you are struggling to be compliant with EU data protection requirements. BrotherMailer manages all requirements quickly and easily.