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BrotherMailer SMS

You can create and send personalised bulk email bulk SMS campaigns directly from your BrotherMailer account, to any UK mobile phone number, quickly, easily and economically.

BrotherMailer delivers your SMS campaigns to people’s handsets with a friendly from name, instead of an anonymous mobile number. This way, your brand is protected and your open rates are maximised.

Create the message quickly and easily:

  •     Include up to 5 fields of personalisation.
  •     Send your messages to either one single number or to an entire address book of contacts.
  •     Set up your Auto SMS responders.

Use SMS to gain new subscribers for your email newsletters. When your prospects reply to your SMS by text, with a shortcode and their email address, they are instantly added to your address book.

Find out more:

To find out more about the BrotherMailer SMS service call 020 8135 8570 or email us at contact@brothermailer.com

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