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BrotherMailer Enterprise

Professional email marketing begins with BrotherMailer

BrotherMailer Enterprise is a UK-based power emeail marketing platform, full of the latest ROI boosting features

  • Create response-boosting splash pages and landing sites using the BrotherMailer Site Builder
  • Build  and brand your online surveys in just a few clicks
  • Create and manage targeted, easy to use ROI-boosting email lists with the data query builder
  • Automate your email campaigns when you set up powerful email triggers.
  • Track your campaign recipients all the way from your emails, through to your website.
  • Maximise response rates when you use  the Dynamic Content Builder for ultimate email personalisation.
  • Check your email presentation in over 20 ISP inboxes, with the one-click email proofing tool
  • Maximise email open rates using automatic split testing

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