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BrotherMailer reporting

The BrotherMailer Reporting Suite has been designed by marketers, for marketers.

You get clear, detailed reporting and the ability to track your campaigns in real-time, and at contact-level.

BrotherMailer gives you full click path reporting, which enables you to track your recipients’ behaviour, all the way through to your website and conversion page. This allows you to see:

  • Which recipient opened your email
  • Which recipient clicked through to your site
  • Where your recipient clicked on your email
  • Where your recipient went on your site
  • Which recipient ‘converted’
  • ROI for your campaign

BrotherMailer reporting includes fully exportable data and email updates, boardroom-ready printouts and graphical reports:

You can use BrotherMailer reports to identify your most popular content and landing pages, generate lists of hot leads for follow-up, and pinpoint your most responsive recipients.

Reports will show you at a glance:

  • Campaign comparison reports
  • Emails forwarded
  • Emails posted to social network sites
  • Individual contact details and actions
  • Delivery and open rates
  • Links clicked (by link name and destination URL)
  • Replies
  • Overlay hotspot report
  • Bounces and unsubscribes

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