Easy, Powerful, & Measurable Email Marketing

BrotherMailer dynamic content builder

BrotherMailer  can ‘Dynamise’ your emails

Personalise your emails by database field, in order to get great response rates.

You can tailor your campaign so different segments of your audience receive different content, offers, images, copy or calls to action.

Just imagine how seriously targeted and response driven your email campaigns would become.

Our unique Dynamic Content Builder will enable you to:

  • Create emails with highly targeted content for different groups of customers
  • Quickly and easily set your own rules to decide which recipient gets which email content, without the need to create separate campaigns and data sets.
  • Send your campaign, using multiple targeted messages, and watch your response rates rise!

BrotherMailer’s email marketing power-tool is so easy-to-use, anyone in your team can now ‘dynamise’ your results!

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