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BrotherMailer email personalisation

Personalising your emails will help you achieve two goals – higher ROI and higher response rates.

BrotherMailer makes personalising your email content super easy. It is quite literally a one-click operation in order to add personalised fields.

  • An unlimited number of different fields for your personalised email campaign

With BrotherMailer Enterprise, you can personalise by up to 400 fields in one single email. This means you are not restricted to just personalising your email by name or product name.

Do you need more personalisation? Learn about our Dynamic Content tool.

  • Use BrotherMailer to deliver powerful, targeted messages. It will take you just a matter of seconds to turn a standard email into a highly targeted marketing message.
  • Address your recipient by name, refer to the product they bought from you and the last date of contact, make recommendations and targeted ‘calls to action’.

Now, you can even personalise your email ‘from’ name.

This is when email marketing begins to get really powerful because, with BrotherMailer, if you have the data in your list, you can have it in your email.

Worried about holes in your data? Don’t be! Simply set defaults like ‘Dear colleague’, and be sure all your bases are covered.

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