Easy, Powerful, & Measurable Email Marketing

BrotherMailer Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector

Plug your email marketing directly into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with the BrotherMailer CRM connector.

This gives you a super-powerful, time saving solution for aligning your email marketing campaigns with your prospects’ and customers’ exact needs.

In this way, you get improved efficiency and greater ROI from both your email marketing and your CRM system.

Working together, these 2 powerful tools dramatically reduce the time you take to manage your data and also maximise every opportunity for:

  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Customer retention and acquisition

Automatic Integration for Targeted Email Marketing

Marketers can save valuable time updating and maintaining data, as well as create and send precision email marketing, using the BrotherMailer Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector.

Here are a few examples of the time savings and targeted email marketing benefits you will get with the BrotherMailer Connector:

  •      Personalise your emails within CRM using any data fields from your Contacts, Leads and Accounts. No need to manually update your marketing database, you can save precious time creating responsive, personalised campaigns.
  •      Use any CRM data you hold to create and query precisely targeted segments. You can send email messages based on any interaction a recipient has had with your organisation, from a click-through, to a conversation or purchase.
  •      With integrated unsubscribe management, your customers’ opt-ins and contact preferences are updated in real time so you can utilise all your customer touchpoints and keep your marketing database clean and responsive.

Connect your marketing intelligence with your customer management

BrotherMailer’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector sits perfectly within your Dynamics interface, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

For customer management and sales teams this delivers so many benefits:

Your CRM in single view

Single click access means your sales managers can follow up an email recipient’s actions, with all the sales and contact history at their fingertips.

A single view within your CRM of whom is interacting with your emails and how, gives your customer management and sales teams true insight into a customer’s status.

Your CRM email marketing contact history including bounces, opens and click tracking, is visible a single view. Your sales teams have an instant, detailed knowledge of a contact’s interaction and engagement with your offers, including a campaign’s results with drill-through to individual contacts and leads.

No software to install or maintain

 You can execute and track your email campaigns and manage email supressions from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  •     The Dynamics CRM Marketing Lists can be synchronised with your BrotherMailer address books.
  •      Automatic management of unsubscribes and updates, CRM Accounts, Contacts and Leads.
  •      Segment Accounts, Contacts and Leads for email marketing using CRM Advanced Find.

To learn more about how BrotherMailer’s Dynamics CRM Connector can help your business, email us today.

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