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BrotherMailer signup form wizard

Collect opted-in data from your website easily with BrotherMailer – it is the best way to grow your email database.

Good data is the life-blood of all your email marketing campaigns and one of the most valuable commodities your business can have. Although a slower option than purchasing data, growing your database organically offers much higher returns because your contacts are engaged with your brand and are waiting to hear from you.

When you ask your visitors to sign up, remember to tell them:

  •      Why they should sign up to your campaign
  •      How they will benefit from being included
  •      What you will do for them, as a subscriber

You can collect data by creating a sign up form on your website. In order to make the form that sits on your website, you will need some code which tells BrotherMailer which address book(s) you wish to add that contact to.

It is easy to generate this code with BrotherMailer, just follow these 6 very quick and simple steps.

When you have the code, you can simply pass it to your website designer, who will insert into your website. In most cases, the best position for the sign up box is directly above the fold on your home page. Make sure the position stays the same on all other pages across your site in order to make it easy for your visitors to locate and sign up for your emails.

If you have any questions or need some help email us at the BrotherMailer support centre.

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