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BrotherMailer unsibscribes and bounce-backs

You are fully protected under anti-spam legislation with BrotherMailer.

There are several ways BrotherMailer protects you from anti-spam complaints and unprofessional mail out mistakes;

BrotherMailer automatically removes ‘unsubscribe’ lists in real time and adds the data to a suppression file. In this way, BrotherMailer insures you never email them again, even if you unknowingly re-import that contact.

When a recipient hits the ‘Junk’ button in their inbox, BrotherMailer automatically unsubscribes them – a key tactic for avoiding ISP black lists.

Uploading your own suppression files

Quickly and easily upload your own suppression file into the BrotherMailer platform, for automatic bounce-back management. Undelivered emails are also dealt with automatically.

You set the thresholds for the number of re-send attempts BrotherMailer will make on a bounced email, before it is automatically unsubscribed.

Reply manager

Any address of your choice can be used to receive replies to your campaign. Emails can also be sifted on-screen using a system similar to webmail.

Choose the BrotherMailer package with the Data Query tool to suit your specific needs.

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