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BrotherMailer with Salesforce syncronisation

A powerful ‘1-click’ SalesForce integration feature is included in BrotherMailer Enterprise.

Businesses or organisations using SalesForce as a CRM or backend database, can use this feature to:

  • Simply click to synchronise your SalesForce account with your BrotherMailer campaign contact history reporting.
  • Help to maximise the ROI and power of both BrotherMailer and the SalesForce CRM system
  • Import any data from your SalesForce leads to a BrotherMailer address book at the click of a mouse.
  • ‘Point and click’ to import your Salesforce leads – Save time and resource, by managing your data
  • Automatically append your BrotherMailer campaign contact history to your Salesforce account.

Schedule automatic updates

Automatic importing and mapping of unlimited database fields from SalesForce to your BrotherMailer address book at a regular, scheduled time means one less thing for you to remember.

Update your SalesForce and BrotherMailer suppression files automatically

Use BrotherMailer’s schedulable, 2-way suppression import to ensure those who have withdrawn their contact permission are not contacted, either by your email marketers or you sales managers.

Minimal setup required and no programming needed, BrotherMailer’s SalesForce integration is a built-in feature.

Simply enter your SalesForce username, password and security token and you are ready to start!

SalesForce’s API Limitations

Please be aware, SalesForce impose a limit on the number of API calls permitted within a 24 hour set period. The number of BrotherMailer campaigns you are able to sync up with SalesForce within that period will be limited by your SalesForce settings.

Please check with SalesForce with regards to the number of API calls your SalesForce account entitles you to.

Click here for information on full integration with SalesForce.

Call your Account Manager on +44 (0)207 193 2013 or email us to activate BrotherMailer SalesForce syncronisation for your account.

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