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BrotherMailer with WordPress plugin

BrotherMailer’s ‘Sign up form for your BrotherMailer Email Marketing’ WordPress plugin, can help grow your email marketing database and add subscribers. Use this tool to ensure the continued success of your email marketing programme.

Make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with the people who are really interested in your message!

Blog readers can sign up to your emails as well as your blog posts. Subscribing your blog viewers to your BrotherMailer database could not be easier!

 Using the WordPress Plugin

The ‘Sign up form for your BrotherMailer Email Marketing’ plugin lets you quickly and easily add a sign up box to your WordPress blog or site.

Your blog visitor has become a new email marketing subscriber, who is then added to the BrotherMailer Address Book of your choice. New subscribers may even recieve a targeted ‘thank you’ campaign, where you can tell them more about what they should expect to receive as a subscriber.

Your BrotherMailer Email Marketing sign up form for plugin is simple to set up and insert into your WordPress template. You can also amend the plugin settings at any time from within your Settings in WordPress.

In order to use your BrotherMailer Email Marketing WordPress Sign up form plugin, you will need a BrotherMailer API user enabled on your account as well as details of your BrotherMailer API key.

This information can be obtained from your Professional or Enterprise BrotherMailer account.

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