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Uploading your data with BrotherMailer

BrotherMailer makes uploading your data easy in just three simple steps.

1. Uploading your data

You can either upload your data as an Excel file or a CSV, directly into your BrotherMailer ‘All Contacts’ or you could create a new address book.

2. Mapping your data fields

BrotherMailer, through Email marketing services, lets you map the fields in your import files to the data fields you have created. This allows you to create segmentation queries from this data or use it in personalisation.

Choose how your data is mapped so you don’t write over your existing data by mistake.
Choose between:    

  • Update all existing fields    
  • Don’t update fields with blank    
  • Merge data keeping existing values

3. Smart upload

BrotherMailer checks on upload for previously unsubscribed or hard bounced email addresses, as well as duplicate email addresses. These addresses will not be added to your BrotherMailer account, this ensures you do not send your email the wrong people or send the same campaign to the same email address more than once.


The BrotherMailer Data Watchdog maximises your email delivery rates as well as protecting both your and our sender reputation.

Data Watchdog does this by predicting, detecting and actively preventing BrotherMailer users from mailing to data which could cause them complaints and issues, and by quarantining any ‘high risk’ files before they are uploaded. This hugely powerful analysis tool scans every email uploaded and uses complex algorithms to detect data collected without adequate permissions.

Data Watchdog also uses alerters and quarantines to prevent users sending to suspect addresses.

BrotherMailer’s expert Account Managers will respond to a Data Watchdog quarantine in order to help the user take practical steps to improve their email marketing data.

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