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Your BrotherMailer unsubscribe options

Create a subscriber Preference Centre  – let your customers tell you the most effective way to reach them.

Simply set your customer address book as public and the Preference Centre will enable subscribers to view data you hold about them. 

The Preference Centre is designed to tell you when your customers’ details change. Subscribers can use the Preference Centre to:

  • Remove themselves from a specific address book.
  • Update their contact details.
  • Completely unsubscribe from all your campaigns.

You can determine the information which is shown in the public address books. Only address books and data fields that are set as Public within your BrotherMailer Contacts will be displayed. If you choose not to set your address books or data fields as Public, none of the information will be shown.

This function puts your subscribers in control of the emails they receive, allows them to opt in and out of your campaigns as they choose and also gives you information about what your customers are opting out of, when, and if their personal details have changed.

In order for the customer to update details or unsubscribe, they must access the Preference Centre using the email address held within your BrotherMailer Contacts.

Simply (Un)Does It

In just 2 clicks, the customer can unsubscribe without any hassle. The simple unsubscribe method requires your subscriber to click on your unsubscribe link, where they are taken to your unsubscribe page and asked to confirm that they wish to unsubscribe.

The customers’ email address, which they used to click through from the preference centre, will be added to the list of suppressed addresses within your BrotherMailer Contacts database.

You can choose the type of unsubscribe available to your customers, from the selection in the My Account section within BrotherMailer.

Unsubscribe Page Design

Design and brand your BrotherMailer unsubscribe (and Forward to a Friend) page, to your own brief. You can create additional branding on your unsubscribe page which offers reassurance to your customers that they are unsubscribing or updating their details with you, not a fake or ‘vanilla’ page.

You can also create different designs for your unsubscribe page and Forward to a Friend page, there is plenty of opportunity to control the tone and feel of each different page.

Unsubscribe in your Customers’ Language

BrotherMailer automatically transcribes the Unsubscribe and Forward to a Friend pages into the recipient’s language, by looking at your subscriber’s computer settings.

Auto-translation into 15 languages, including: 


The BrotherMailer Support Team can also help you add your own translations!

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