Easy, Powerful, & Measurable Email Marketing

BrotherMailer segmentation queries

Create targeted segments from your data:

BrotherMailer allows you to build your sophisticated, highly effective data segmentation queries in under a minute.

Use BrotherMailer to segment your data into highly targeted, responsive groups based on your transactional, demographic or behavioural data you hold in your customer database.

BrotherMailer unsibscribes and bounce-backs

You are fully protected under anti-spam legislation with BrotherMailer.

There are several ways BrotherMailer protects you from anti-spam complaints and unprofessional mail out mistakes;

BrotherMailer automatically removes ‘unsubscribe’ lists in real time and adds the data to a suppression file. In this way, BrotherMailer insures you never email them again, even if you unknowingly re-import that contact.

Your BrotherMailer unsubscribe options

Create a subscriber Preference Centre – let your customers tell you the most effective way to reach them.

Simply set your customer address book as public and the Preference Centre will enable subscribers to view data you hold about them.

BrotherMailer with Salesforce syncronisation

A powerful ‘1-click’ SalesForce integration feature is included in BrotherMailer Enterprise.

Businesses or organisations using SalesForce as a CRM or backend database, can use this feature to:

Simply click to synchronise your SalesForce account with your BrotherMailer campaign contact history reporting.
Help to maximise the ROI and power of both BrotherMailer and the SalesForce CRM system
Import any data from your SalesForce leads to a BrotherMailer address book at the click of a mouse.
‘Point and click’ to import your Salesforce leads – Save time and resource, by managing your data
Automatically append your BrotherMailer campaign contact history to your Salesforce account.

BrotherMailer with WordPress plugin

BrotherMailer’s ‘Sign up form for your BrotherMailer Email Marketing’ WordPress plugin, can help grow your email marketing database and add subscribers. Use this tool to ensure the continued success of your email marketing programme.

Make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with the people who are really interested in your message!

BrotherMailer signup form wizard

Collect opted-in data from your website easily with BrotherMailer – it is the best way to grow your email database.

Good data is the life-blood of all your email marketing campaigns and one of the most valuable commodities your business can have. Although a slower option than purchasing data, growing your database organically offers much higher returns because your contacts are engaged with your brand and are waiting to hear from you.

BrotherMailer Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector

Plug your email marketing directly into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with the BrotherMailer CRM connector.

This gives you a super-powerful, time saving solution for aligning your email marketing campaigns with your prospects’ and customers’ exact needs.

In this way, you get improved efficiency and greater ROI from both your email marketing and your CRM system.

6 steps sign-up wizard

A signup form on your website is one of the easiest ways to grow your database. BrotherMailer automatically generates code for you in order to get a signup form on your website. The form will also populate an address book of your choice in your BrotherMailer account, automatically.

BrotherMailer Salesforce integration

The Brand new built in Salesforce connector will allow you to create targeted email campaigns without even leaving your Salesforce account.

It has never been easier to integrate your Salesforce CRM system with your Email Marketing Campaigns.